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Grade Level Activities

Our HMS Students have a variety of activities that they are involved in throughout the year.

6th grade

Sees Candy Fundraiser

First of three fundraisers that our 6th Grade students take part in. Funds are raised for their 6th Grade Outdoor School (6th Grade Camp).

6th Grade Camp Dinner

Second of three fundraisers that our 6th Grade students take part in. Dinner tickets are sold by our 6th graders. Families and businesses are also welcomed to pay for messages and ads be placed in our Camp Dinner Booklets. All funds raised go towards the 6th Grade Outdoor School (6th Grade Camp.)

6th Grade Camp Green Meadows Outdoor School

A one week long camping experience for our 6th Graders. We continue our tradition of going to Camp Green Meadows...


Etiquette Day

Our 7th grade students learn proper table manners, dancing, napkin folding, how to tie a tie and much more weeks prior to our Etiquette Day.

Market Day

During the students Math class, students learn how to create their own business and product. Throughout several weeks, students take loans, make product, adverstisement, and other required activities before presenting their business on Market Day. During Market Day, students promote and sale their items to students and the 7th Grade Families. 

Renaissance Day


8th Grade


At the end of the students 7th grade year, students are encouraged to apply to the HMS W.E.B. program. These selected 8th graders are our HMS leaders that help welcome our 6th graders, guide students to become better HMS students, create fun lunch and rally activities, and so much more! 

Hilmar High School Tour

8th graders get a quick glimpse of high school life. Students tour Hilmar High School classrooms, participate in classroom activities, and activities with HHS Link Crew.


End of the Year Trip