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Computer Lab Techs:

HMS Tech: Linda Pourtaverdi

Tuesday & Wednesday 9am- 3pm

Thursday 9am- 1pm


HUSD Tech: Matthew Denham

Hours vary per day


HUSD Tech Center:


Please click on the chromebook above to fill out the Chromebook Repair Form so that we can start the process of getting your Chromebook fixed.

HMS Technology and Computer Lab

Hilmar Middle School is a 1 to 1 technology school, which means that every student is provided a device to be used to support their learning during their tenure at HMS. All the forms needed are found below.

computer lab updated!

I am super excited to share with you the new look for the lab. My thoughts were to have a comfortable space for students and staff to enjoy while working. I personally love having a nice cozy area to sit and type or write notes so I'm hoping students feel the same way. 

For students, the lab is open during both lunches Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on Thursdays from 9am - 1pm. Students can use the lab during their lunch break after they eat - no food or drinks allowed (all water bottles must be closed and put away).

Feel free to visit and check it out.

- Mrs. P


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of the most asked questions.  Please see the document list above for a Frequently Asked Questions online document that will be updated periodically.
  • What if we don't have high-speed Internet or wireless access at home?
    • Teachers will allow more class time or provide an alternate assignment.  No student will be placed at a disadvantage due to the lack of Internet access at home.
  • Where at HMS can my student access the Internet?
    • The entire middle school campus is blanketed with a wireless signal, including the Gym.
  • What if I do not want my student to receive a laptop Device?
    • We will not force any student to accept a Device and they will be provided a loaner device in their classes so they are able to participate with their peers.
  • What if I do not purchase insurance?
    • The insurance is not required but does come with an incentive:
      • You will have a decreased cost for the buy-out at the end of three years so your student can own the netbook and take it to high school with them
  • If I do not purchase the insurance, am I responsible for covering the cost of replacement due to theft, damage, etc.?
    • Yes - unless there are extenuating circumstances, of course.  Just like a textbook checked out to all of our students, they are responsible for taking care of them and also for any damage that happens to them.
  • Are there payment plans available for purchasing the insurance?
    • No, full payment is required at the time of purchase.
    • Also check with your own private home-owner's or renter's insurance company as they may offer add-on policies that cover the student device from accidental damage.
  • If I have questions not listed here, what should I do?
    • Check the Frequently Asked Questions document above as it will be updated periodically.
    • Please call the school office at 632-8847