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First Bell      8:15

1st Period    8:20 to 9:10

2nd Period    9:14 to 10:02

Break         10:02 to 10:12

3rd Period    10:12 to 11:00

4th Period    11:04 to 11:52

First Lunch  11:52 to 12:32  5th Period    11:56 to 12:44

5th Period    12:36 to 1:22  Second Lunch 12:44 to 1:24

6th Period    1:26 to 2:14

7th Period    2:18 to 3:05




(1:45 release)                      

First Bell        8:15

1st Period       8:20 to 8:58

2nd Period      9:02 to 9:38

Break            9:38 to 9:49

3rd Period      9:49 to 10:25

4th Period       10:29 to 11:05

5th Period       11:09 to 11:45

First Lunch     11:45 to 12:25    6th Period       11:49 to 11:25

6th Period       12:29 to 1:05   Second Lunch  12:25 to 1:05

7th Period       1:09 to 1:45

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Amy Fitzgerald - Principal 

Eric Ellefson - Assistant Principal 

7528 Scholar Way

Hilmar, CA 95324


Phone (209) 632-8847

Graduation Day

Attention Parents, 

If you will be putting blankets down on the bleachers for graduation please do not place tape directly on the bleachers. The gate will open at 6:30 AM the morning of graduation. Any blankets placed on the bleachers before this time will be removed. Also, at the end of the evening please take all items with you. If you plan on attending the high school graduation the next evening, you will need to bring back your blankets the next morning because the bleachers will be cleaned after the Middle School graduation.


Check out the Tech Club's website. It's free, fun and easy to create! 


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Early Release/ Minimum Day Schedule

Early Release Days (1:45pm)                                            



Minimum Days (12:50pm)