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W.E.B.- Where Everyone Belongs


Lindsey Rosa

Clement Labrouche

Lindsey Rosa and Clement Labrouche

W.E.B.- Where Everyone Belongs

The purpose of the W.E.B. Class is to tap the potential and maximize the benefits of the W.E.B. leaders and program. The benefits for the school include increased sense of community, improved climate, and successful transition of new students.

WEB 23-24

WEB 2023-2024

WEB 2022-2023
WEB 2022-2023

W.E.B. Leaders partake in:

- 6th Grade Orientation

- Board Meetings

- Service Learning

- Academic Lessons with our 6th Grade Students

- Event Planning such as Mix It Ups during Lunch, Social Night, and Movie Night

- Etiquette Day Support

- New Student Buddy system


WEB 21-22

WEB 2021-2022